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“Located in the Ave Valley, Quinta da Lage produces a light, aromatic and refreshing white wine, which can complement a nice meal in a most enjoyable manner, while joyfully nurturing those moments of leisure when the words friendship and fraternity become the essence of conviviality.”

(Translation of the text featured in the back label of the “Quinta da Lage” VQ.P.R.D. (*) White wine bottles – © Maria Alexandra Oliveira, all rights reserved)

vinhos1 At Quinta da Lage, in addition to the White – V.Q.P.R.D. (*), produced and bottled according to the most thorough quality standards, and commercialized under the “Quinta da Lage®” brand, we currently produce Red and Pink (Rosé) “Vinho Regional – Minho” (*).

cepasql1 Along the last few years, with the precious collaboration of the renowned Enologist (*) João Costa Leme, as well as the diligence of all who work in the Quinta da Lage field of viticulture / viniculture (*), we have been expanding and renovating our vineyards, not only through the adoption of more modern cultivation and guiding systems, but also through the introduction of new varieties, always respecting, however, the official determinations for the “Vinho Verde” Demarcated Region in this regard. Additionally, we have been optimizing our winemaking facilities and processes. Under the attentive coordination, also, of our chief cellar-man, José António Ferreira, the goal of our team has been not only to ensure the quality for which our wines have always been known, but to actually enhance it, so that the wines of Quinta da Lage may be sought and acknowledged, more and more, as wines of excellence.

rosadoql1 At present, we commercialize our wines directly from Quinta da Lage, where we welcome all who wish to sample them.

Our White D.O.C. (*) “Quinta da Lage®” is available in cases of 3, 6, and 12 bottles (7,5 dl). By special order exclusively, it can also be presented in 375 ml bottles (“half-bottles”) – ideal to serve with the “Daily Specials” or “Touristic Menus” at restaurants, inns, and hotels.

garrafaslogo2 All of our wines are also available in 5 and 50 L containers.

For information on prices and other sales conditions, as well as for wine-sampling appointments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our services.

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SALES NOTICE: Our wines are currently not commercialized outside the European Union. For consultations on possible small-scale exports to the USA and Canada, please submit your request directly to the Manager at quinta.lage@mail.telepac.pt


(*) For the meaning of these terms, please consult the Glossary at the bottom of the “Vinho Verde” Knowledge sub-page.


(All the images shown in this page were authored by Portugal-based American photographer Joseph Sherman, for the exclusive use of Quinta da Lage. Copy and reproduction are not permitted – please read the © Copyright page)